Weixier business/study/work bag

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A stunning dark brown shoulder bag perfect for school collage or work. It has an adjustable strap making it perfect for men or any height. Its dimensions are perfect to bring to any job or journey. The storage and security is very good. It has 2 zips and the front and one at the back for easy access to your essentials. Inside the bag it is spacious for laptops, note pads and other belongings. There is a second zip inside for more private or valuable items such as phones or wallets and also a divider to keep your things separate. Bring a bit of class to your day, lose the backpack and get yourself a shoulder bag. This bag is waterproof and made with high quality long lasting material. This bag has the effect to make heads turn weather you are wearing a suit, jeans or casual chinos We offer free delivery in Ireland. 

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