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Introducing the 'Tryst'. An extremely high quality durable bag. It is the perfect accompany to backpacker, college student or businesswoman on the go. This bag is currently only available in the dark beautiful brown leather colour. You will most definitely be noticed around campus and admired having the Tryst backpack with you. This bag is made of PU leather which means it is 100% vegan friendly. The bag has a fantastic feature to use earphones while keeping your phone or music player safe and secure. Perfect for any cyclist. This bag has a spacious interior perfect for books, writing pads, pencil cases and tablets. The 'Tryst' has amazing security offering its owner peace of mind. It has a large zip at the front to give your items both security and privacy. On the outside on the back it has another zip pocket, there is also side pockets perfect or small umbrellas. Inside the bag there is other pockets to keep your belongings organised and accessible. A fantastic feature of this bag is the little gap for earphones. This will prevent you from taking your music device out with the potential of it getting stolen or it will be perfect if you are on a bike. The zips and buckles are made of metal and very durable. The straps are made with durable PU leather and have a very comfortable feel are are adjustable. The PU Leather is identical to real leather with the same look and feel. Would be very hard to tell them apart. The PU leather we use is 100% vegan friendly and is extremely durable. It does not crack like most leather bags and our material is also water resistant. The dimension's of the 'Tryst' are: W28cm x H30cm x Depth14cm 

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