Introducing the waterproof 'Patomi'. An extremely high quality durable bag. Your number one bag for returning to college or university. Charge your phone on the go! This bag is currently only available in the black leather colour. This bag is made of PU leather which means it is 100% vegan friendly. The bag has a spacious interior perfect for a lot of books, A4 writing pads, large pencil cases and art supplies and even laptops. Inside the bag there is other pockets to keep your belongings organized and accessible. On the outside of the bag there is a sunglasses holder on one of the straps. There is also side pockets for storing water bottles or small umbrellas. The main feature of this bag is the charging port on the side. Simply place your own powerbank in the bag, plug in the bags USB to your powerbank, then simply plug in your phone charger to the side of the bag to use on the go.  The straps are made with durable PU leather and have a very comfortable feel are are adjustable. The PU leather we use is 100% vegan friendly and is extremely durable. It does not crack like most leather bags and our material is also water resistant. 

*Powerbank from photos not included

54.99 €
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