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Cool and elegant, the 'Opulence' handbag is the perfect accompany to any outfit. This casual cross-body bag is available in 2 colours, White and Black & White. It will add class and style to any outfit. This bag is made of PU leather which means it is 100% vegan friendly. The bag has a spacious interior that is lined with a cleanable material. The Opulence has a zip to give your items privacy. The zips are made of metal and glide easy giving you quick access to your belongings. The straps are made with durable PU leather and the chain is made of metal. The combination of metal and leather makes the strap extremely durable and will not break if it is pulled. On the underneath of the bag you will notice 4 metal protective studs to keep your bag free from floor dirt, spills and will also help reduce 'wear and tear' on the underneath and corners. The dimension's of the 'Opulence' are: W20cm x H15cm x Depth8cm

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