Who We Are

We are a 100% Irish owned bag company that sells luxury products and are 100% vegan. We want to prove you don't need leather to be stylish. Furthermore, we sell out products at 75% less than the big handbag companies.

Our Unique Products

Most vegan or artificial leather bags you buy are made of Polyvinyl or PVC which does not biodegrade and ends up creating micro plastics that are ingested by fish.

Our products however are made with a special PU leather material that have no BPA's or other chemicals, they are non-toxic to the environment as they break down, they do not contain any chemicals that interfere with endocrine and hormone systems and finally our bags do not contribute to PH change in soil or water.

What is PU Leather?

PU leather is the abbreviation of polyurethane leather.  PU leather is basically an artificial man-made leather alternative. It lasts a very long time and usually does not crack or wear down easily. Unlike real leather, it doesn't dry out. The overall durability and quality are very good and actually way better compared to most faux leather alternatives. But that is what it is originally made for, being very tough and long lasting.

Benefits of PU Leather

Sustainability wise, PU leather is actually way better than animal leather. The production takes up way less resources and therefore more eco-friendly.

When it comes ethics, it is obviously way better than animal leather. No animals are harmed during the manufacturing process since it is 100% man made and requires no animals at all for the making. It is therefore also completely vegan.

Pu leather is also very water resistant and does not absorb it at all. This adds to the durability of it and is a big positive when purchasing a bag from us.

PU leather is solvent free it does not contain DMF, phthalate or lead. It is RoHS free, EN-71-3 Free, Azo Dyes Free, Formaldehyde Free and DMFU & DFMA Free.

It is 100% vegan and contains no real leather.