''What is it exactly that you guy's sell??''

Ladies and gentlemen from Ireland and the UK, browse our online store and you will find a stunning collection of bags, watches, accessories and nutritional products that suit everyone. We have a huge selection of vegan bags and all our nutrition products are 100% natural.

In our men's and women's sections we offer a selection of bags, watches and accessories for all occasions in a variety of styles and colors. Our carefully made products will surround you with ultimate luxury and bring confidence to any outfit. They express sheer elegance, sophistication and modernism through the sleek design. 

Why are your products better than other non leather bags I could buy at Next, H&M, Zara, Diesel or Hollister ect..?

Most vegan or artificial leather bags you buy are made of Polyvinyl or PVC which does not biodegrade and ends up creating micro plastics that are ingested by fish. Our products however are made with a special PU leather material that have no BPA's or other chemicals, they are non-toxic to the environment as they break down, they do not contain any chemicals that interfere with endocrine and hormone systems and finally our bags do not contribute to PH change in soil or water.

What's this I hear about health, wellness and nutrition?

Yes, we have a Health & Wellness section. We stock and store Forever Living Products. Forever Living have been around for over 40 years and are in over 160 countries which means their products have been approved by over 160 governments.  They are 100% natural and are aloe vera based. Aloe vera has powerful benefits that will help you to look better and feel better inside and out. From aiding in digestion to soothing and conditioning the skin. Forever Living starts with 100% inner leaf gel, adding a fine balance of high quality ingredients to produce outstanding, effective aloe vera products. 

If you had to chose, what would be your best Health and Wellness product for fast weight loss?

Take a good look and read at our range of products in the Health and Wellness section. The most popular product being the Clean 9 Cleanse. It's a low-calorie plan that focuses on the use of meal replacement drinks and weight loss supplements. The 9 day diet that helps cleanse your body and make you feel lighter, look better and lose weight in just nine days. Used by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole, Nikki Minaj and many many athlete's. It helps the body to get rid of excess waste, It improves the appearance of skin, It prevents aging and its mostly know for its dramatic weight loss results. In addition to reducing your calorie intake during the program, Forever Garcinia Plus and Forever Therm help rev up your metabolism, making your body use calories more efficiently. As an added bonus, these products - along with Forever Fiber and the delicious Forever Lite Ultra Shake that comes in the Clean 9 package - won't leave you feeling hungry and light-headed. Instead, they make you feel satisfied and energetic. The average weight lost with the Clean 9 is 4kg (8.8lbs/pounds), some people lost a little less and some lost a lot more, this is just the average weight loss.